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Pressure reducer with new approval

Series 9000 and 9040

The certification of valves is an expression of the highest quality. For this reason, Goetze KG is constantly expanding the range of certifications and obtaining a wide variety of approvals for different markets. 
This also applies to the pressure reducing valves of the series 9000 and 9040 - these are now also certified for the Polish market. The PZH approval is awarded to products that come into contact with drinking water, such as hoses, seals or fittings. This ensures the quality of all components in order to guarantee a perfect drinking water supply. 

All further information can be found in the corresponding data sheets.
> Series 9000
> Series 9040

With our practical overview, you have our series and the corresponding certificates at a glance. This will help you find the product that meets the requirements you need for your system. 

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