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Lead-free gunmetal RG+

For all environmentally- and health-conscious people

The lead-free gunmetal RG+ is a consequent further development of the lead-containing gunmetal RG 5 low-lead CuSn5Zn5Pb2-C, which has proven itself for years and which until now has been the preferred material used in drinking water installations. With the new alloy RG+ CuSn4Zn2PS-C, it is now possible to replace lead with sulphur and thus create an optimal substitute for conventional gunmetal.


The housing of the series #9000 is made of the above mentioned RG+ material and is characterised by good castability combined with optimum machinability and high tensile strength. Due to its good corrosion resistance, RG+ is particularly suitable for water-conveying systems in HVAC- and industrial-applications. Thanks to this alloy, mechanical characteristics and other important properties for castings described in DIN SPEC 2701, the pressure reducer does not release any pollutants into the drinking water, thus protecting the user and the environment.   


All information about the materials used can be found in the data sheet.