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Angle safety valves now available in combination with bursting disc

Series 451 with bursting disc

The expert group for laboratory equipment from the (German) Committee for Biological Agents (“ABAS”) has recently issued a statement relating to steam sterilizers (autoclaves) stating that according to risk analysis carried-out, the emission of biological agents cannot be prevented up to  100% percent.
In order to better protect the environment, machines as persons they recommend that a safety valve which is installed to avoid inadmissible over-pressure should be fitted in combination with a bursting disc.The bursting disc, which is fitted upstream of the safety valve prevents smallest quantities of biological substances from being released, thus offering additional reliable protection of your plant in combination with the safety valve. As a result of these measures, a high level of tightness close to the operating pressure of the sterilization equipment can be achieved.

Goetze is now able to offer the series 451 in combination with the bursting disc “KUB-Clean”, enabling us to offer all-round plant protection. In addition to the above mentioned demands, in combination with the requirements of hygienic plant design such as CIP/SIP functionality, a bursting disc in combination with a safety valve can prevent the safety valve seat seal from being able to “stick” due to contact with the medium. Processes, plants and vessels can be operated safely and ultimately the operating personnel are also protected from coming into contact with neutral and non-neutral vapours and gases.

For further technical details, please refer to the datasheet for this series