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New flange valves with nominal diameters ranging from DN 15 to DN 100

Now available: Goetze flange safety valves 355 and 455

The flange safety valve series 355 and 455 are now available with nominal diameters from DN 15 to DN 100. The new series are characterised by high performance across the entire diameter.
Further to the additional nominal diameters, the full-lift safety valves also provide reliable protection in case of rapidly increasing pressures. Without adequate protection, the pressures may exceed the temporarily permitted pressure increase of ten percent.
The new flange safety valves open completely within a maximum pressure increase of five percent, providing excellent performance and stable function, no matter whether a valve has the size DN 15, DN 65 or DN 100.
Especially in the case of large nominal diameters, refurbishment plays an important role. Due to the high procurement costs of valves of this size, it makes good economic sense to refurbish them. This is why Goetze paid particular attention to simple maintenance procedures when developing its 455 and 355 series. Goetze offers customers and dealers simple service kits and various spare parts to allow certified distributors to perform refurbishment at any time. Goetze’s aim is to ensure simple servicing, also determined the unique design of the safety valve, with a focus on simple and user-friendly maintenance. For example, when adjusting the set pressure, the spindle does not have to be secured against unwanted rotation.
The safety valves made of spheroidal graphite cast iron or stainless steel stand-out due to, among other things, with their modern and lean design. Thanks to their minimal total height, they are also suitable for fitting in confined spaces or low ceiling heights, even with large nominal diameters. The easing gear can be installed in four different positions, giving the user even greater flexibility. Goetze flange safety valves are ideal for almost any plant and can be easily adapted to the conditions on site.
In addition to spatial flexibility, today time also plays a major role. We offer our customers fast service around the globe, especially for our new 455 and 355 series. With our in-house sales experts, we will be pleased to prepare a fast and professional quotation that matches your requirements within 24 hours, and we can guarantee a delivery time of 5 days Ex Works. for the new flange valve series.