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G06F - New standard in building technology

Expansion of our product range 

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After two years full of innovation and development spirit, Goetze presents the new pressure reducing valve G06F. The new pressure reducer stands out by easy handling and setting. It offers environmentally conscious users in a wide variety of industries and applications maximum performance and toughness. 

With the pressure reducing valve G06F, Goetze KG is expanding its portfolio in the field of water supply and building technology. The product is characterized by its lead-free housing. This means that no harmful substances will be released into the drinking water. In this way, it protects the environment by avoiding heavy metals. 

New innovations always require the use of new and optimal materials. With the pressure reducer 9000, it is the first time at Goetze, that plastic is widely used in our products. The high-quality material from medical technology is distinguished by its resistance against cavitation, temperature and media. In addition to the clear filter cup, the valve insert is also made of heavy-duty plastic. The integrated 160 μm fine screen insert in the inlet area protects the valve and the downstream installation from dirt particles and is easy to clean without removing the valve insert and reset the outlet pressure.

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