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Goetze goes BIM

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Numerous highly complex construction projects as far as the eye can see. In the last decade these construction projects have increased and the handling of these projects has become more and more difficult. Some major projects threaten to fail. The reasons for this are usually not a lack of expertise, but planning deficits. In order to eliminate these deficits, planners in the digital age use BIM - Building Information Modeling. All relevant building data is recorded in a 3D model to simplify the planning, execution and operation of a building. This greatly simplifies the handling of large projects, even for many project participants. But what does this data acquisition mean for valve manufacturers? 
When planning objects, the technical building equipment can be completely calculated, planned and calculated in advance. We want to make this digital implementation possible for our customers and thus simplify planning. Therefore we provide Autodesk-Revit and VDI3805 data sets for the following product groups:

Pressure reducing valves: 
681, 682, 481, 482 per version mGFO-SP

Safety valves: 
451bHFK, 451bHFL, 451bHK, 451bHL 
851bHFK, 851bHFK, 851bHFL, 851bHK, 851bHL 

The data records are now available for download on our homepage. In the download area you can call up the manufacturer data directly and use them in BIM planning.