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The new hygienic valves

Further developments of the series 4000

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with the further developments of the series 4000, Goetze KG proves its competence in the hygiene area. In the case of plants in the food and pharma industry particular emphasis is placed on the cleanability and consequently the dead space-free design of components. During the design stage of the series 4020 and 4040/4060 exactly these principles were realized.

The series 4020 is a specially optimized valve for hygienic applications, in cases where small or medium blow-off capacities are required. This valve is optimized for aseptic hygienic connections on inlet and outlet. 

The inlet with a minimum amount of dead space in the case of the series 4040/4060 in combination with a conical-shaped diaphragm means that this valve can be employed in hygienic aseptic processes. The valves are either welded directly to the vessel wall or onto the pipe. Consequently the best cleaning result of the valve inlet is achieved.


  • Due to the extremely small dead space ratio from up to  L/D < 0,33 microbiological danger zones and soiling can be effectively avoided 
  • An optimal cleaning of the surface which comes into contact with the product in the inlet area - as stipulated in hygienic and aseptic processes – is consequently easily achievable at all times
  • Exposed o-ring seals in contact with the medium
  • Design of valve body avoids build-up of puddles after valve has opened
  • Suitable for CIP/ SIP  process due to pneumatic lifting option
  • Gap-free installation of seals in contact with medium
  • Possible surface qualities: Ra < 0,4 µm, mechanically polished, electropolished
  • Moulded diaphragm to separate the product area from the spring area
  • The valves can be completely sterilized in an autoclave without destroying the lead seal, they can also be easily dismantled with a minimum of effort

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