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The requirements of products for building technology applications are becoming increasingly complex.

Whereas the customer always expects the perfect function combined with a maximum degree of comfort, the installer demands robust, pre-configured systems, which he can install for the customer with peace of mind. The Goetze KG contributes to the fact that customers and installers alike can rely on their system. All safety valves and pressure reducing valves are made completely of metal in either gunmetal, stainless steel or spheroidal graphite cast iron.

The fittings and valves manufactured by the Goetze KG are, according to the application and medium in question, available in stainless steel, spheroidal graphite cast iron or gunmetal. In addition, a wide range of connection options are available: Threaded or flange connection in various sizes, as well as special connections according to customers' requirements. When designing the valves, we always take the requirements of the customer into account: from customized solutions to a batch size of one unit.
Chilled, warm or very hot? Hot water, potable water or solar liquid? We offer solutions for the most varied range of applications in the building technology sector. Whether it is for domestic hot water production and supply, heating systems, sprinkler systems, irrigation systems, solar plants or heating boilers, we offer the market a comprehensive range of fittings and safety- and pressure reducing-valves - which are always designed to meet the requirements of a specific application.
All our valves are manufactured according to the principle: "Individuality for more safety". Based on this, we have developed a comprehensive, innovative and high-quality product range, which leaves almost nothing to be desired and which is being continuously expanded and developed further.