TÜV/CE safety valves for solar plants
and district heating Series 451bG

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Safety valves with bellows made of stainless steel, angle type with threaded connections

For highest standards and requirements made completely of highly corrosion and heat resistant stainless steel to protect solar plants, which have temperatures above 200 °C, as well as district heating systems and steam plants. The stainless steel bellows ­protect sliding and moving parts as well as the spring housing from media deposits and high temperatures.

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For the protection of: 

  • ressure tanks/-systems for neutral / non-neutral vapours and gases
  • boilers
  • closed-circuit solar systems with temperatures > 120°C and for all static heights.
  • district heating systems with temperatures >120°C 
  • district heating systems primary side
  • solar plants in building and industrial technology
  • steam- and industrial boiler plants

Safety valves are set and sealed at the factory.


TÜV Type test approval 666

EU type examination

TR ZU 032/2013 - TR ZU 010/2011
D/G (S/G)

AD 2000 Data sheet A2
TRD 421
AGFW 505
DIN 4747 Part 1
DIN 4757 Part 1 and Part 2
DIN EN 12976
DIN EN 12977
DIN EN ISO 4126-1
DRG 2014/68/EU

Suitable for
Air, gases and vapoursneutral and non-neutral
Solar heating systems
Stainless steel
1/2" - 2"
- 60°C to + 400°C
(depending on version)
0,5 - 70 bar
Data sheet/Capacity table