Float valve made of gunmetal
with copper float Type 620

Rueckruf EN

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(Kopie 4)

Examples of use

Venting of pressure tanks and -systems for filling and emptying and to purge liquid residues.

  • heating systems in industrial- and building-technology
  • venting of piping systems

The float valve has to be installed vertically at the highest point of the plant and at places where air build-ups can occur.
Decompression takes place, when the ball float is in the lowest position. In this position the air can freely escape through the valve. After decompression, the flowing water lifts the float and closes the valve so that no water can escape.
Venting takes place when the water level has dropped and the float releases the valve.

Valve version

Type 620

Air inlet and outlet via lateral bore holes in the seat screw.
Order example for type 620 with connection 3/8": 620-10

Type 620d

Air inlet and outlet via seat screw with female threaded connection for size 1/4", 3/8" or 1/2".
Order example for type 620d with connection 1/2" and seat screw with female connection 1/2": 620d-15 / 15

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Suitable for
Potable water coldup to + 40°C
3/8" - 1/2"
-30°C to + 120°C
up to 6 bar
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