Overflow and pressure control valves
Series 618

Rueckruf EN

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Overflow and pressure control valves made of gunmetal, angle-type, with threaded connections

Robust, proportional overflow valve - gastight version. Allround overflow valve for pump protection and bypass control applications, due to its compact design, possibility of user-adjustment within the soring ranges as well as various sealing materials.

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For the protection of:

  • pumps against overloading in closed circuits for neutral / non-neutral, non-sticking liquids

For the control of:

  • systems under pressure for neutral/ non-neutral gases and vapours and - depending on the sealing material - also for steam
  • pump protection
  • test rig construction
  • process equipment construction
  • shipbuilding industry and marine equipment
  • de-icing technology
  • mechanical engineering
  • industrial applications   


European Pressure Equipment Directive

TR ZU 032/2013 - TR ZU 010/2011

PED 2014/68/EU

Suitable for
3/8" - 2"
- 60°C to + 225°C
(depending on version)
0,2 - 20 bar
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