Overflow and pressure control valves

Series 853

Rueckruf EN

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Overflow / pressure control valves made of gunmetal, angle-type with threaded connections
- externally adjustable by hand wheel -

The alternative to the stainless steel version made of corrosion resistant gunmetal. Apart from the medium resistance of the housing material, the design is identical to the stainless steel series 453.
A suitable sealing material can be chosen for almost every medium. The valves can be set to the required pressure and sealed in the factory, or can be conveniently adjusted by the customer in the corresponding spring range using the hand wheel. The setting or adjustment can also be made during operation.

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For the protection of:   

  • pumps against overloading in closed circuits for neutral / non-neutral, non-sticking liquids

For the control of:

  • systems under pressure for neutral / non-neutral gases and vapours and - depending on the sealing material - also for steam
  • pump protection
  • test rig construction
  • process equipment construction
  • shipbuilding industry and marine equipment
  • de-icing technology
  • mechanical engineering
  • industrial applications   


European Pressure Equipment Directive

TR ZU 032/2013 - TR ZU 010/2011

PED 2014/68/EU

Suitable for
1/2" - 2" 
- 60°C to + 225°C
(depending on version)
0,5 - 50 bar 
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