Pressure reducing valves
Series 9040 Edition G06Fi

Rueckruf EN

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Pressure reducing valves made of stainless steel, with threaded connections

The 9000 series is as the 9040 series, made of stainless steel. The V4A stainless steel housing does not release any harmful substances into the potable water and is corrosion-resistant for all water qualities. The corrosion resistant material is also suitable for aggressive media. The stainless steel version is used, for example, in systems for processing foodstuffs, cosmetics, beverages or other complex media.

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For the protection of:

  • water supply systems in single-family homes
  • apartment buildings
  • commercial and industrial buildings or machines

against excessive supply pressure.

Usage of pressure reducing valves when a constant supply pressure is required in the system.

- Protection against overpressure
- Increase of comfort and reduction of water consumption

  • Drinking water supply systems
  • Service water supply in industrial and building services engineering
  • Machines / plants connected to the drinking water network
  • Irrigation technology / Cattle fattening


DIN-DVGW type test approval (up to 80°C) | pending

Type approval ACS | pending

Type approval England| pending

DIN EN 1567
DIN 4109
UBA BWGL for metallic materials
Elastomere guideline
KTW guideline

Suitable for
Potable water hot up to + 85°C
Potable water coldup to + 40°C
Stainless steel
1/2" - 2"
- 5°C to + 85°C
Inlet pressure: up to 25 bar
Outlet pressure: 0,5 to 12 bar
Data sheet/Capacity table