Safety fittings for hygienic applications
Series Hygienic 400

Rueckruf EN

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Safety valve made of stainless steel, angle-type with clamp connections and food connections

The valves in the Goetze Hygienic series are constructed in compliance with the construction features of hygienic design.
This includes smooth, fault-free and optimal surfaces for cleaning, minimum dead space, no gaps and lots of other details. Difficult to clean components are protected against impurities with stainless steel bellows.
The fulfilment of these construction features are proven and confirmed by tests and certificates from the DGUV Committee for Foods and Luxury Items and the EHEDG (European Hygienic Engineering & Design Group). The safety valves are approved for worldwide use in accordance with numerous regulations.

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For the protection of:

  • processes, plants and containers in the food and  pharmaceutical industry for air, neutral and non-neutral vapours and gases, steam and liquids

taking into account the operation- and plant-specific regulations and making use of the suitable valve version and sealing material.

  • food industry
  • breweries and beverage industry
  • pharmaceutical industry
  • cosmetic industry
  • medical technology
  • clean Service applications


TÜV Type test approval 2062
D/G, F, F/K/S

EU type examination
S/G, L, F/K/S

TSG ZF001-2006
D/G (S/G), F(L), F/K/S

TR ZU 032/2013 - TR ZU 010/2011
D/G (S/G), F(L), F/K/S


DIN EN ISO 4126-1
PED 2014/68/EU
TRB 801 No. 22 and 23
TRD 421
AD 2000 Data sheet A2
KGS AA 319

Suitable for
Stainless steel
Clamp connection
DN 20 - DN 32

-40°C to + 200°C
0,4 - 16 bar
Data sheet/Capacity table