Type test approved safety valves angle-type
for industrial applications Series 451 in combination with bursting disc

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Safety valves made of stainless steel,
angle-type with clamp connections
and bursting disc

With the 451 series with the KUB-Clean bursting disc in combination, Goetze ensures the comprehensive protection of systems. During routine operation this device prevents the smallest amounts of biological agents being released by safety valves which may leak. Combined with the requirements of Hygienic Design and CIP/SIP capability, the bursting disc in combination with the safety valve also prevents the safety valve seal from being able to can prevent the safety valve seat seal from being able to “stick” due to contact with the medium.

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For the protection of:

  • Processes, plants and vessels for neutral and non-neutral vapours and gases    
  • Medical technology (Sterilizers, Autoclaves)

Safety valves are set and sealed at the factory.


  • Plant operation close to design pressure combined with guaranteed high level of tightness
  • Gap-free installation of the seals in contact with the medium
  • CIP/ SIP capable
  • Non-sticking of the safety valve seals due to the medium
  • Simple installation

TÜV-Type test approval 2107
D/G (S/G)


AD 2000-Data sheet A1
DGR 2014/68/EU
AD 2000-Data sheet A2
VdTÜV-Data sheet 100
DIN EN ISO 4126-3
DIN EN ISO 4126-1 and 2

Suitable for
Air, gases and vapoursneutral and non-neutral
Stainless steel

DN 20 - DN 32 
-40°C to + 200°C
(depending on version)
2,0 - 25 bar 
Data sheet/Capacity table