Type test approved safety valves angle-type
for industrial applications Series 645

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Safety valves made of gunmetal,
angle-type with threaded or flange connections

The areas of application of these multi-purpose safety valves with separating diaphragm between the housing and cap range from heating and air conditioning technology to mechanical engineering, boiler construction and ship building. The safety valves made from gunmetal are designed to protect pressure tanks and pressure systems for neutral and non-neutral vapours, gases and liquids.These series are also used in steam boilers and steam plants with due consideration of plant-specific regulations and in combination with suitable valve designs and sealing materials.

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For the protection of:

  • Pressure-vessels/-systems for neutral / non-neutral vapours, gases and liquids
  • Steam boilers and steam plantstaking

into account the plant-specific regulations and making use of the suitable valve versions and sealing materials.

  • Mechanical engineering
  • Pump protection
  • Pressure booster systems water- / air-side
  • cooling-/chilling-systems
  • Steam- and industrial-boiler systems

Safety valves are set and sealed at the factory.


TÜV Type test approval 2073, 2102
D/G , F

EC type examination
S/G , L

S, G , L

S, G , L

TSG ZF001 - 2006
D/G (S/G), F (L)


Type approval WRAS

Type approval ACS

TR ZU 032/2013 - TR ZU 010/2011
D/G (S/G), F (L)


AD 2000 Data sheet A2
DIN EN ISO 4126-1
PED 2014/68/EU
TRD 421
ASME-Code Sec. VIII Div. 1
KGS AA 319

Suitable for
Liquidsneutral and non-neutral
Air, gases and vapoursneutral and non-neutral

1/2" - 2"
DN 25 - DN 50

-50°C to + 205°C
(depending on version)
0,5 - 16 bar 
Data sheet/Capacity table